About Me

Award-Nominated Esports Photographer

Industry leading esports photographer with 9+ years of experience in delivering award-winning photographs for a variety of B2B and B2C events, companies and personal profiles. A seasoned world traveler with several years of experience in working with and managing multi-cultural teams of photographers and digital artists. Established industry professional with a proven track record of creating and implementing best practices at over 100 industry events, with exceptional thought leadership on topics of photo licensing and sales, database management and industry standards for photographers. Creative and curious mind, fascinated by the endless possibilities that the combination of light, shadow and both modern and old technology can create in order to portray captivating experiences cherished by millions.

How it started

In fall 2011 my volunteer work at DreamHack AB, my love of gaming and esports and my never ending passion for photography came together to form esportphoto.com.

Recognizing the potential of the then-niche business of competitive gaming, I developed the concept of esports photography and started esportphoto.com as a side business to my portrait studio in Stockholm, Sweden to cover the needs to the world´s leading esports companies, including DreamHack, Riot and ESL.

During my time as a freelance esports photographer, I covered a variety of events, ranging from the DreamHack Eizo Open Tour to the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship Finals and the League of Legends All Stars 2014 Paris show. As the industry’s leading photographer, I have developed and established new standards for photography and digital creation for an array of high tier brands, including IEM, ESL One, Pro League, BlizzCon, DreamHack and LoL Allstars.

What I do now

As the industry´s first full-time in-house photographer for esports events, I have covered over 80 ESL events and white label productions worldwide in a leading role on both strategic and operational levels. I have developed and delivered concepts for the industry´s first standards and practices for photo sales and licensing. I have built and continue to manage a photography department at ESL for creative creation of assets for broadcast, advertising, print and sponsorship packages.

All my photos are available for licensing through ESL, please use the contact form here. I’m also available for freelancing through ESL (Please note that my schedule fills very quickly) using the same contact form.

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